Setting up the agent screen

Specifying custom results

Tasks inside the task flow of a campaign know 3 different outcomes - declined, failed and success. If you wish, you can define custom, more-detailed outcomes, which you can then use to customize your task flow according to a specific outcome. They also allow you to conduct a more fine-grained analysis.

For instance, the failed status already has pre-defined values, which allow you to specify the reason for failure in more detail. These are

  • $duplicate ($duplicate)
  • $wrong_number ($wrong_number)
  • $locked_number ($locked_number)
  • $do_not_call ($do_not_call)
  • $invalid_contact ($invalid_contact)
  • $unavailable ($unavailable)
  • $canceled ($canceled)
  • $skipped ($skipped)
  • $error ($error)
  • $none ($none)

Adding form fields

To modify the agent form go the Campaigns tab and switch to the Form view, then click the Add option to add new fields.

Recommended read: Arranging form fields