Setting up tasks

To add new tasks click on the New task button in the upper right corner. Think of a meaningful name for your task.
Note: The internal name is created automatically and shown in export and contact view. It is the one you need to use when referencing this task in APIs. If you want you can edit the internal name as well.

'Call' task


'Export' task


'New contact' task

New contact

'Wait' task

Tip: Have you ever submitted a form and just after realized that you entered the wrong information?
With the help of the Wait task you can give yourself and colleagues the time to make corrections to a contact before they are pushed into another task such as export.

'Email' task

Do you want to automatically send emails to your contacts? Create an email task. Email

'Webhook' task

You would like to send data or notifications to an internal service of yours? You can use the Webhook task to do exactly that. Select and format the data you would like to send and enter the URL of your webhook.

Configuring the taskflow

Link your tasks by configuring the taskflow. Set the "Source", "Delay" as well as the "Target" and then press