Setting up a campaign

Creating a new campaign

As already explained in Mastering Dialfire you can have any number of campaigns – all with separate contact lists, their own specific form fields, reports and many more customizations.

You can create a new campaign by pressing the create campaign in the Campaigns tab. Now you choose one of a number of basic campaign templates. We recommend going with Basic campaign for a start.

Creating a new campaign from a template

If your campaign is a simple or rather standard campaign, you can set up your campaign from a template. Choose from the following templates:

  • Empty campaign - Use this if you want to build a campaign from scratch.
  • Basic campaign - This campaign template creates a campaign with a call and two export tasks. If this is all you need to do, you can go straight to importing your contacts, after giving your campaign a meaningful title.

Tip: Even for more complex campaigns it could be interesting to start from a simple campaign template and then add tasks and workflows afterwards.

Creating a new campaign from scratch

When you create a new campaign from the template Empty campaign, you need to define all tasks and task flows yourself. Read how to do this in setting up tasks.