Your first call in 3 minutes

Learn in this chapter how to set up your first Dialfire campaign and start calling in less than 3 minutes.

Prerequisites - What do I need to use Dialfire?
All you need to get started with your phone campaign is internet and a Voice-over-IP (VOIP) enabled web browser such as Google Chrome (get it here) or Mozilla Firefox (get it here). That's it - you don't need a phone and there is no software to install either.
Tip: We strongly recommend Google Chrome for best performance. Note, that Internet Explorer does not support VOIP.

Signing up for Dialfire

To become a Dialfire user, go to the Dialfire homepage, click Sign Up and complete the form.
That's right – only four fields to fill in - login, password, email and your company abbreviation so you can access Dialfire with your own custom link. No need to enter personal data or payment details.
Tip: Keep the company name short and simple as it will become your access link to Dialfire.

Immediately after you click Give me access now, you will receive the confirmation link in your email inbox and can start using Dialfire.

Importing a contact list

There is only one thing left to do before you can start calling: importing your contacts.

To do this, go to the Import tab on the left side.
Note: We already created a campaign for you and you can see it selected in the top left corner. This default campaign has one task Outbound Call, which is likewise selected. Your contacts will be imported into this task.

  • The easiest way to upload your contact list is to cut and paste your contacts from a spreadsheet table like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc or Google Docs.
    Note: Your contact list can have an unlimited number of rows and columns.

  • Select the column headings and contact data you wish to import, then copy and paste into from clipboard.
    Note: Dialfire instantly analyzes your contact list and shows a preview at the bottom of the page. Do you see all your columns named with meaningful column headings?

  • It is essential for Dialfire to know which column(s) contain the main contact phone number. Select the corresponding fields in Phone number mapping. Please double-check that the $phone column in the preview shows the contact's main phone number in the international format (e.g. +15552569999) and that the country prefix is correct one for your call destination.
    Note: You can split your phone number across up to 3 columns.

Once the preview looks as expected press the button in the upper right corner and enjoy the short break while the progress indicator makes it way towards the 100% mark.

Making your first call

With the contacts in the system, you can now make your first call. Open the Call tab and start calling by clicking
Note: If you were eligible for free call credit you can make a call right away.
Tip: Once you run out of credit, you need to top up your account with a payment first. (see more)

Congratulations - You have now made your first Dialfire call.

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