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Frequently asked questions

General questions

Why should I use Dialfire?

We believe that if you are calling many contacts from a list, Dialfire you can save you time and money – whether you're an individual or a large call center with hundreds of seats.

Dialfire provides an out-of-the box, ready-to-use system, that not only offers predictive dialing and call blending, but also enables you with the help of a user-friendly interface to create custom campaigns. You can configure automated workflows and you have full control over the agent screen. Have a look at the Features page for a full list and don’t trust our word, check it out for yourself. There is no commitment and nothing to install.

Is a cloud system the right choice for me? Is it not difficult?

Dialfire is as easy as using Gmail or Facebook. It's as instant to use as well, sign up and start calling.
We take care of the technical infrastructure, which is secure, scales to your needs and is backed up across different servers. All you need is a browser and a headset.

Can I save time with Dialfire? How much?

This depends on your current way of working.

Are you using a regular phone to call your contacts?

The predictive dialer filters people who are not at home, so you spend less time waiting for your contacts to pick up the phone.

Do you currently spend a lot of time customising reports to transform them into the format you need?

You will save time telling Dialfire to create them in the right format from the start.

Are you currently using a system where you need a technician to do things for you?

Dialfire empowers you with a user-friendly interface to access live data, create custom statistics. As for the telephony infrastructure, we take care of it for you.

Detailed questions

How many calls can Dialfire make simultaneously? Will it scale to my needs?

There is no limit on simultaneous calls and on the number of agent seats. Add any number of users and they can start calling immediately.

Can Dialfire send personalised emails and pdfs?

Yes, and it can do even more. You could, for instance, tell Dialfire to automatically send reports or you could integrate with your own systems via APIs and webhooks.

What is the cost of using Dialfire?

There is no setup cost or monthly fee, you only pay the minutes you use.

How can I get started?

How can I become a Dialfire user?

Signing up to Dialfire is easy. Fill in 4 short fields in the registration form and get immediate access to your own Dialfire area. There is no need to enter personal or payment information.

How long does it take to make my first call?

3 minutes. Immediately after registration, your account is activated. You can then import users and start calling right away.