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Cost of using Dialfire

With Dialfire there are no setup costs and no monthly agent fees, you only pay for the telephony you make.

Connection fees

There are two types of connection fees that apply: a dialer connection - and a call destination fee.

  • The dialer connection cost applies from the moment an agent requests a connection until the telephone call with the called person is terminated.

Connection pricing

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Dialer connection

Agent connection ******{{ displayPrice(pricing.prices.agent_price_base) }}{{ displayExchangePrice(pricing.prices.agent_price_base) }}

* Unless otherwise stated, taxes are not included in Dialfire prices. All applicable taxes are payable by the customer. Dialfire prices are in {{ getCurrencyName }} and are subject to change. Additional fees may apply. All connections will be billed per started minute. All connections will be billed per '{{ increment }}'. The provision of telephony service is subject to our Additional Terms of Services. The prices shown are the standard price list.

** The additional currency is shown as a guidance. Note, that exchange rates may vary.

*** If you are using a PSTN connection rather than VOIP/SIP, an additional phone call at the cost of an outbound call to your agent phone number will be charged. When additional functions such as connectors to external databases, CRMs or services, as well as when using the accounting module 'Activities' are activated, additional costs will be charged.