May 31, 2021

Automatic campaign archiving

We archive your data automatically and securely for at least ten years.
We archive your data automatically and securely for at least ten years.

Do you know that too? You have a huge amount of files on your computer that you never need again, but you can't bring yourself to hit the delete key because you think you might need one of them again?
It's a similar story after a campaign ends. Most of the data is never needed again, but individual processes still need to be researched years later, right? Fear not! We have been thinking about how we can extend the storage period even further and more importantly you don't have to put your hand in your pocket for it.

So, from now on, as long as you are our customer, we will automatically archive your campaigns six months after the last call for at least ten years. One less thing for you to worry about.

How can I recognize an archived campaign?

When you open a module, a notice will appear at the bottom of the screen indicating that the campaign has been archived. Also, the campaign icon contains a spider web to indicate that this data has already gathered dust.

Can I continue to view all my data?

Of course, all data including the entire history is retained. Even searching in the contact view works the same way, you just cannot edit the data anymore. You can still open records on the screen, but you can't edit the record or call it.

Can I still create reports?

Yes, you can still load your existing analytic reports, you just can't create new ones.

Can I export all my data?

Yes, you can export all of your data at any time from the Contact View, no problems there.However, you can no longer perform new exports in the Export module.

Can I still delete data?

Yep, you can completely delete the entire campaign any time you are ready. Deleting individual records is also possible. Only a mass deletion of a large number of records is not.

Can I continue to access all data via the API?

NNo, this you cannot do. With archiving, all tokens belonging to the campaign become invalid. You will only be able to access the data via the Dialfire interface.

What about the call records?

The storage period of at least 3 years still applies to these. When the time comes before we delete them, we will give you the option to apply for a fee-based extension.

Can the archiving be reversed?

Nope, but if you find yourself in this situation you can easily copy the archived campaign, do a full export of the data and re-import it. Easy peasy!

Happy archiving!